Battleborn Vs Overwatch after massive price cut

While everyone is busy getting stuck into Overwatch, we wanted to remind you that there’s still a little game called Battleborn that also launched recently and offers a lot of similarities with Blizzard’s title.

Battleborn launched almost a month before Overwatch, but it seems that everyone is playing Overwatch more right now. This week, we can see that there has been some drastic movement from retailers, as Battleborn is now available with a massive price cut.

For example, you can now buy Battleborn in the UK from Amazon for just £25 brand new and with free delivery. That is pretty amazing for a game that was $60 just a few weeks ago – is this a clear sign that the game is struggling against Overwatch?


Over in the US, it’s a similar story. Amazon sells Battleborn for $40 from various sellers, while Valve is now showing the same price – It’s available on Steam in the UK for £40 too.

What are your thoughts on this? For those that spent $60 on the game we have a feeling that you may be a little unhappy given the sudden price drop and how quick it has happened.

Are you playing Overwatch or Battleborn right now? Give us your thoughts below.



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