Apple TV 5th gen release date likely October 2017

By Peter Chubb - May 27, 2016

If you are expecting the new Apple TV 5th gen to be launched during WWDC this year, then you would be mistaken. You only have to look at last year, and the current generation model where rumors said it was to be revealed during the same event in 2015, yet was not revealed until October of the same year.

Having said that, we still do not expect to see the Apple TV 5 released this year either, as it’s just too soon for Apple to update its digital media player after the current model. We know that the iPhone and iPad are updated each year, but the small entertainment device that sits in your home does not have any need to be updated so often.

Apple TV at WWDC 2016

Ok, so we know that there are recent rumors to suggest that the Apple TV 5th generation could be a competitor for the Amazon Echo, although it would require some time and effort in order to incorporate such features.

Let’s say that the report from VentureBeat is correct, and that the next Apple TV will very well come with Amazon Echo features, then there will need to be greater work to its UI, along with deeper Siri integration. It’s the latter that is very likely, seeing as though Apple have already been integrating Siri far more in to their products, and OS X 10.12 could take this a step further as well.

Having said that, Apple could release an interim TV update just as they did in 2014, seeing as though the infrastructure is already there to support Echo, and so will take some additional computing infrastructure in order to get such a system to work. Either way, we very much doubt that there will be any sort of Apple TV update just yet to support such a feature.

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  • Matt

    They are now fully committed to the device. Apple TV 5 is coming this October that will feature faster CPU for better video games, 4k/HDR, and bluetooth 4.2 for connected home hub. Most don’t realize that the current apple TV only supports bluetooth 4.0 which is not as good for connected home. The next update of TvOs will feature Siri & Homekit SDK support to allow partners to create Echo like accessories. Apple needs to compete with Amazon, Google, Roku, etc. who are doing annual releases and lower the Apple 4 price to make it more accessible. As far as 2017, the Apple 6 will feature new remote design with TouchID( home shopping) and sensors.