New Xbox One console specs with 4K, but 2017 release

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2016

With all the rumors regarding the upcoming Sony PS4 4K console, Xbox One owners will be very happy to hear that there’s some big rumors for them too this week with news of a new Xbox One model that will be supporting 4K games also.

We already know about plans to bring a possible Xbox One Slim console to market, but now we are hearing about a different console – a Xbox One console codenamed Scorpio.

The Xbox One Scorpio is thought to be coming with 4K support as well as support for Oculus Rift but apparently it won’t be available to buy until 2017 according to Kotaku.


With Oculus in partnership with Microsoft and particularly Windows 10 streaming with Xbox, this move makes sense especially since Sony will soon be unleashing PlayStation VR which will be supported on the rumored PS4 Neo console.

The Xbox One Scorpio is also thought to have more GPU power available, so it looks like two new Xbox One consoles – one standard but smaller and a more premium model the Scorpio with upgraded specs looks like a real possibility now.

That makes Microsoft’s upcoming E3 2016 press conference very exciting, so make sure you tune in for it in case both new consoles are announced live on stage.

Would you buy the Xbox One Scorpio over the PS4 Neo? Leave your thoughts in our discussion section below.

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  • Dave

    hum… another microsoft late release, they keep following sony non stop, xbox 360 they went to IBM and got the reminder of the cell, xbox one they got the reminder from ATI, I’ll bet you they will go back to ATI and get the reminder garbage GPUs, since the xbox one runs 3 OS virtulized the memory will be stuck to DDR3 since GDDR5 cannot be virtualized easily