FIFA 16 TOTW 37 team revealed today

We are just moments away from EA revealing what players have been picked for the TOTW 37 cards on FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. This week is going to be different of course with the major European leagues now finished, but elsewhere there’s still football being played in other leagues that EA can choose from.

They include International matches too which may be part of the lineup, but you’ll be able to see the official team at 3PM UK time – come back then when we’ll reveal it for you.


We already gave you the predictions here, but what players would you pick if you had to judge on last week’s performances and can’t choose any of the BPL, Bundesliga, BBVA, Ligue 1 or Serie A leagues?

This could be the last TOTW that we see this season, but don’t forget EA is still hard at work on the TOTS event for FIFA 16, including the Serie A TOTS tournament which should be on Friday May 27.



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