The Division 1.2 Gear Sets drops in Clear Sky Incursion

As we have just told you earlier today, The Division 1.2 update is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC with Ubisoft making the ‘Conflict’ update available for free.

You can recap the patch notes here, but immediately after installing most of you will want to know how to get the new gear sets in The Division 1.2 Conflict update and you’re going to need to play Clear Sky to get them.

Clear Sky is the new Incursion that is available, the next one to follow on from Falcon Lost which arrived with 1.1. Ubisoft has revealed that Clear Sky Hard mode is already available with the 1.2 update, while Challenge Mode will be available next week.


You can see exactly what the new gear sets are capable of in the description above, although you may need to wait until Challenge Mode is out before getting some of the harder drops for the new gear.

Judging on social media, everyone seems to think that the Lone Star gear set is the one to go for, so hopefully we’ll have clearer details on the drop rates for you soon.

This update has just gone live, so we’re finding out exact details just as you are. Are you already playing through Clear Sky?

Leave a comment below on what drops you have got so far for the new gear sets and give any helpful advice that you have found to help other readers.

Which new gear set from The Division 1.2 is the best?



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