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Surface Mini in October a possibility

It looks as though Microsoft have plans to improve on its platform by offering it to different size screens, and so expands the posssibtly of new devices. Microsoft recently announced that their Windows 10 desktop OS will now be supported on devices as small as 7 inches.

This is far more significant than what some of you presume, as this could pave the way for a Surface Mini tablet, which has been rumored for a couple of years now. We very much doubt that we will see a 7-inch Surface Pro 5 Mini, and so more than likely just the standard Surface 5 will come with the smaller screen.

We could be looking at this all wrong, and that this will only open the door for third-parties to start releasing 7-inch tablets with the Windows 10 desktop operating system. However, it’s more likely that more of them will start to use Windows 10 Mobile once there is increased support.

Surface Mini with Windows 10

Going back to this news found on MSDN, and the previous limit that this OS could go down to in terms of screen size was 8 inches, and so that one inch does make a huge difference. Having said that, the Windows 10 Pro version did allow for 7-inch devices to run, although that never proved as popular, unlike the Standard Edition.

Could this be a sign that Microsoft is finally about to move things up a gear in the mobile market, although only for devices that run on the full version of Windows 10?



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