Destiny Rise of Iron DLC leaked with new Raid

We have some exciting Destiny news for fans now, as it looks like there has been a massive leak regarding the next Destiny DLC expansion. Assuming the details are true, then Destiny Rise of Iron has leaked and we have the first poster to show you.

These images have appeared over on Reddit and have since been confirmed as true by the guys over at Kotaku. Rise of Iron should be the name and it looks like Iron Banner ruler Lord Saladin is going to play a big part in it.

That definitely looks like Lord Saladin on the main poster and also take note of his flaming axe and accompanying wolves. Bungie are expected to unveil this officially at E3 2016 next month, but now you have your first taster of the expansion that could be make or break in terms of keeping Destiny players happy and away from other games such as The Division.


While we wait for more details on Rise of Iron, we do hear that it will be coming with a brand new Raid and this Raid is meant to be a lot bigger than King’s Fall.

There’s also some very interesting speculation over on Reddit here, on how this expansion could involve the original nine Iron Lords Skorri, Radeghast, Timur, Felwinter, Jolder, Gheleon, Silimar, Efrideet and Perun but also the nine new Iron Lords from Year Two – these being Weyloran, Colovance, Finnala, Deidris, Haakon, Nirwen, Ashraven, Bretomart, Tormod.

Enjoy this early leak and give us your own thoughts on what you think this expansion could be like based on the image. Are you excited to play this?



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