BO3 Double XP Weekend time today for US, UK

We have a quick heads-up to confirm that once again, there will be a Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend for May 20-23. As usual we have the start time for you as this week you’ll be able to earn Double XP for Weapons.

Last week was Double XP for levelling up characters, but now it’s switched back to weapons. If you need to get the dark matter camo then this is when you need to head into the game to rack up XP as fast as possible.

It will start today on May 20 at 10am Pacific Time. This means 1pm Eastern Time and 6PM in the UK. We don’t have long to go so make sure you are ready. The end time will be the same times above on Monday May 23.


Which weapon are you personally trying to max out at the moment, are you still enjoying Black Ops 3 multiplayer generally, or do you admit to being a little bored?

We have a Double XP type weekend every weekend now so at least Treyarch is doing their part in keeping you going – who’s waiting for BO3 DLC 3 already?



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