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Adobe Flash Player update notes in brief

For those that have just received a notification popup to install a new version of Adobe Flash Player this week, we wanted to give you a heads-up on what the changes are for Adobe Flash Player version

While Windows users may have installed this update earlier this week, some of you on Mac may have only just received the notification to update hours ago.

If this is you, then these are the update notes in brief supplied by Adobe:


Adobe has also updated some details on the official website for Flash Player updates with new information on Flash Player 21. You can find this here and you may want to scroll to the ‘new features’ section for some extra info.

Did you get the same notification to update to a new version this week on PC and Mac? Let us know if you run into any Flash Player problems and if you agree with others in saying that HTML5 is going to eventually make Flash Player obsolete.



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