FIFA 16 PS4 1.06 update now live with changes

By Alan Ng - May 18, 2016

We have a quick heads-up to say that a new FIFA 16 update on May 18 is now live, with PS4 1.06 available to download. It is 398.8MB in size and now we have a full list of changes for those that want to know what is new.

As we told you earlier in the week, EA has already released this patch on PC and one of the big changes is the ability to message other players in-game.

You can see this in the official FIFA 16 1.06 patch notes from EA below:


EA has also improved matchmaking further for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team so hopefully you will all be able to connect to games a lot easier.

Once you have downloaded the 1.06 FIFA 16 update on to your console, report anything else you notice new that EA has mentioned in the notes, as there are usually some hidden changes.

Thoughts on the messaging feature? Is the update live on Xbox One for you yet?

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  • THE.

    Hopefully it’s not EA fiddling with the handicap/scripting in the name of update!

  • Rob

    Downloading as I type this on PS4, will share an update if I get any problems with this update.

    • THE.

      How’s the handicap/scripting/momentum ? Hopefully EA fixed it with this update.