Facebook status update share not working today

By Alan Ng - May 18, 2016

We see that Facebook is having problems today on May 18. 2016. Specifically, it looks like users can’t update their Facebook status today as the posts share feature is not working properly.

We’ve tried it ourselves today and can confirm that the site is having some problems. We doubt that it has anything to do with the Facebook ‘blackout’ in Vietnam today, but either way this is what you may be seeing when trying to share a post:


Facebook says that “There was a problem with updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.” However when you try again in a few minutes the same problem occurs constantly.

We have not had a status update from Facebook regarding this and as far as we’re aware, it is not global – just happening to select users from UK at the moment but not everyone.

Are you having problems with Facebook down on May 18 in relation to status updating and post sharing? Leave a comment and we’ll try to find more answers for you.

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  • Barkent

    Yep – I’m having this problem and so are my colleagues. When we try to share… so we can post something on our business page it goes nowhere.