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Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge release date excitement

We have some Clash of Clans news to bring you now on the next major update to the game which will add Friendly Challenge to CoC. We can see that players are asking for the Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge release date and in case you didn’t know we can now give you a heads-up on when it will be coming.

Supercell has just activated a 1 Gem Boost in the game as we told you earlier today. The developer has said that this 1 Gem Boost will last until the Friendly Challenge update is ready – so it could be in one week’s time!

1 Gem Boosts usually last a week, so be sure to get the preparation you need for this new mode coming to the game. Supercell has already given players the details on what Friendly Challenges are in CoC – you can read through everything below.

Firstly, here is how Friendly Challenge works in Clash of Clans:


Perhaps more importantly, here is how to accept a Friendly Challenge in Clash of Clans:


Since those who attack your base won’t be able to steal resources, this is the perfect way to gain new experience and learn some new strategies for when things get serious.

Make the most of the 1 Gem Boost now and let us know your thoughts on the Friendly Challenges – do you love this idea or not? We’ll let you know as soon as the event is ending which means we’ll know when the next CoC update is out for May 2016.



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