NBA 2K16 servers down May 16 with status broken

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2016

We can see that there are still ongoing problems with NBA 2K16 servers down on May 16 and at the moment, it looks to be a serious problem as both the and website checkers are completely broken at the time of writing.

As you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating for those that just want to get into the NBA 2K16 servers and have a game before sleeping, or heading to work depending on region.

On 2K’s Twitter support page, we can see that there is no general update from the developer either about the May 16 2K server outage, only to repeatedly copy and paste a message to all users for that they are aware of the problem and working on it.


Is this happening to you with NBA 2K16 not working and all other 2K servers right now? Tell us what platform you’re on and we’ll leave status updates here when we have some info for you – alternatively visit our NBA 2K16 server problems hub to see messages from other 2K players.

Do you find it annoying that the level of service from 2K isn’t better when services are down?

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  • Edin

    U guys get an error has occured or no

  • Diyablo

    It says that the servers are up and running but still can’t connect?

    • Ronnie

      Same for me

  • jay macko

    The server status site is working now it is says 2K is up…..2K cmon with the cheese

  • the same as you

    it’s probably cause they made a diamond biyombo card #breakthegame

  • BruiserKC .

    I mean i don’t like these server crashes as much as the next guy but what makes me more mad is 2K won’t say it is their problem half the time and wont fix it

  • Ant One

    This should be a sign that we should all be doing something a little more productive with our time….

    • Randy H.

      D bags like you never cease to amaze me. Your on this site like everyone else because you cant play either. But you puke out your “look at me, I’m so above it all. Doesnt bother me. Its a sign we should do something more productive” you smug moron. Who’s stopping you then? What are you doing posting here on the server status page? Go do something “productive” as you put it. Maybe you should research on how not to be a total jaggoff. You dont know the situations of the millions of ppl who play, you have no idea how “productive” anyone else is or isnt. Just because you play in your moms basement for 18 hours a day without bathing doesnt mean everyone else does. Maybe this really IS a sign? A sign to let you know that the planet hates you and you should never post anything again and you definetly shouldnt play games ever again. Then you can feel super awesome with all your new found “productivity”. Still feel cool idiot?

      • Bernie Sanders

        Feel the bern!!!!
        Bernie Sanders 2016

        • Assane Deadman Ndiaye

          Daaaaammmmn son!

      • Matt Hubley

        I’m probably speaking for anyone/everyone who read your post…..chill out

      • Ant One

        If that’s really how you took what I said, I offer my sincerest apologies. I was only on this site to find out what was going on with the server because I did have intention to play a bit. Yet, that was the mere thought that came to my mind and more so I guess it was a message for me. If it enlightened others, then great. Let’s just say my current state of mind at the moment is revolving heavily around such a said idea. That’s really nothing you can hold against me. Therefore, you simply misinterpreted my intent behind those words, along with who I truly am as a person. Ideally, I do want better for myself and that all starts with how I occupy my time. Playing 2K and getting too comfortable in leisure won’t get me there. Again, I’m sorry if you took offense, but you have a good day, sir.

  • Daishun Mclaughlin

    This is terrible, all the money spent and all the money made off of 2k and u can’t play when u want.I understand there are issues, but this is ongoing 2k need to get this together asap it’s bad enough we as players have to deal with a repeated lag and freeze I swear I’m thinking of giving up 2k all together….

    • Shawn Roberson

      I agree! Not to mention that when something is corrected in game play they add something else to screw it up. This new steal when trying to pass the ball is ridiculous, or knocking ball out your hands can’t dribble, pump fake can’t dribble,passing out of a reverse layup with two people contesting,centers grabbing rebounds through your body or over the top when boxed out, but sf can’t do to point guards(regardless of the height difference). How about how pg can do a fancy dunk through your body, what about centers that shoot as well as sf? What center in the nba shoots better than any person coming off the bench as sf?NONE, so why is it that way? Please give us better game play and a more realistic game. The players should do what their position does and not this fantasy crap. We give you what you want when the consumer buys the game, buys vc, buy packs, all we want is a game that plays like it should and works. No lagging, no errors, no sending to home screen when game starts after waiting 20 minutes on a court to play. Listen to your consumers or you may be the next nba live.

    • Saeed Yunus

      Bout to cop nba live 😂