Comcast Xfinity Email down with delay problems

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2016

We have some important news for consumers who may currently be wondering is Comcast email down on May 16 in your region. We can confirm that there are indeed problems with an ongoing Comcast outage today and we have an official service status update from the company to bring you.

Those who have been trying to use Comcast over the last 24 hours may have noticed that there is a problem with Comcast Xfinity email being delayed when sending or receiving.

In some cases, consumers have been telling us that sending emails are seeing around 30 minutes delay, which is obviously very inconvenient and a major disruption to normal service.


Above is the official statement from Comcast’s team regarding this, so at least you can have that assurance that Comcast are aware of the problems are are trying to fix them as soon as possible.

Are you having problems with Comcast email not working right now for you? If so, leave your region below and they amount of delay time you are seeing personally.

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  • Frustrated in MA

    In MA, I am still experiencing delays as much as 43 hours!!!

  • Comast_in_NH

    In NH, delays are 12 to 15 hours.
    This has been happening now for three days.

  • DurtyDurt

    It’s NOT minutes, it’s many hours and even days… if at all. The issue has been going on since late Saturday 5/14/2016. Also, if you use Comcast site for your email, you also lost all existing email.

  • StatChecker

    Have NOT received emails from various work colleagues for 6-7 hours now. Emails from 1149AM TODAY are just now incoming – this is very poor service for what Comcast charges and with Ultra high speed internet it too is also slow in the 06483 zip code. BRIAN ROBERTS – is there anyone at Comcast managing this business for you ?

  • ronny

    I am experiencing hours not minutes also. some of them I sent to myself this morning have still not come and it is almost 4 PM

  • Greg

    We are in Indiana, I’m seeing delays of hours not minutes. I have not received several emails that were sent over five hours ago and tests to myself are not getting delivered. It’s also amazing to me that their “announcements” seem to be written by someone with about a third-grade writing level.

  • badself

    It’s funny that they said the same thing – word for word – two years ago.

    It’s also funny that if you contact customer service they seems surprised by this, and promise to look into it, without ever saying that they are having a larger problem with everyone’s service.