FNAF World Update 2 download live today

Today may be Friday the 13th, but for others it is officially happy FNAF World Update 2 day. Today is when the new update is out and straight away we can see that everyone wants to know what time the FNAF World Update 2 download is out.

Unfortunately Scott Cawthon has not revealed a specific time. However, the official website now has the countdown to the event with a image showing the release date as today.


You should keep refreshing the page to check when the content goes live and when it does we’ll be letting you know a full list of changes once we have the info.

How excited are you about this update today, are you totally addicted to FNAF World right now?

Leave your hype for the update today below in our comments section and let’s see how many players check in for the event going live at any moment.



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