Bundesliga TOTS FIFA 16 release time with lineup

If you are waiting to find out what time the Bundesliga TOTS is out for FIFA 16 in the UK today, we have the information you are looking for.

For those that want the legit details, Bundeslia TOTS team will be revealed in full at 3PM UK time on May 13.

After that, these players will be live in packs at 6PM UK time, replacing the BPL TOTS players which have been available for a week – let’s hope you’ve been lucky.


We’re guessing that EA will also have a Bundesliga Premium Players Pack for FIFA 16 costing 30,000 coins, offering the same format as the BPL Premium Players pack with nothing but players and no consumables.

How excited are you for the release of TOTS Bundesliga today, which players are you going for? Come back in just a few hours and we will reveal the full team here.



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