YouTube in-app messenger rolling out

Everyone knows how popular Facebook messenger is, and whether a YouTube in-app messenger could gain anywhere near the same popularity with video users is yet to be seen, but it’s rolling out anyway.

The YouTube team has started releasing an in-app messenger to select users after being in development for some time. If you’re lucky enough to spot this new feature, you’ll see messages accessible through a separate tab in clear view, so you can access them at anytime through the YouTube app.

Wired explains YouTube’s Shimrit Ben-Yair said this should help with social sharing, as such you can grab links of fun videos and share them in seconds to groups of people.


Many chat apps could lose out if the YouTube in-app messenger takes off, also we expect popular videos to trend faster once this feature becomes mainstream. If you’re lucky enough to be using in-app messaging today, let us know your thoughts below in the comments. Also, if you are using this feature then you can invite other friends and family to the YouTube in-app messenger right away via chat.



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