Xur location for Friday May 13 exotics

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and although some may consider this to be an unlucky day, Destiny players will hope that all the luck is on their side when it comes to the Xur location for May 13, 2016.

Last week, Xur was offering the Suros Regime which was a nice surprise while he also had the Heart of the Praxic Fire which he hadn’t sold for a long time.

With that said and done, what do you want Xur to sell for this week’s inventory? It’s worth pointing out that last week Xur was also hiding in the Reef so you should be alert on Friday in case he shows up there again.


What time does Xur arrive in the Tower or Reef on May 13? This will be at 2am Pacific Time, 5am Eastern Time and 10am for those in the UK as usual.

Have your say in the comments if you are still an active Destiny player and look forward to Xur arriving with new stock each Friday.

Come back at the times above when we’ll update this article with the official inventory and location.

Update: Xur is live. Inventory includes Super Good Advice exotic machine gun, Twilight Garrison, Achlyophage Symbiote and The Stag.

Location: In the tower, by the Crucible Quartermaster



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