TOTS Serie A, Bundesliga FIFA 16 release date excitement

With the BPL TOTS cards coming to an end for FIFA 16, attention has now turned to when the TOTS Serie A and Bundesliga cards are out.

We’ve already told you when La Liga BBVA TOTS should be out, but what about those players who have a Serie A or Bundesliga squads primarily?

So far, EA has not announced anything, but speculation on social media suggests that the Serie A TOTS could be out today, May 11 at 6PM UK time.

Remember that the developer went live with the Benelux and Football League TOTS cards by surprise so the same might happen with Serie A and Bundesliga.


In the meantime, the image above shows the potential TOTS Serie A predictions from FUTHead. These are in the same format to TOTW which we usually cover so the picks should have a very good chance of being selected officially.

We’ll update this article when we have word from EA, in the meantime let us know if you are saving your coins for TOTS Serie A or Bundesliga – what blue card do you want the most?



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