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WWDC MacBook Pro 2016 announcement doubtful

The current generation MacBook Pro was released in March 2015 for the 13-inch model and May for the 15-inch variant. it’s for this reason why people have started to wonder what Apple plans to do in terms of releasing the MacBook Pro 2016 model update.

WWDC MacBook Pro 2016 announcement – The likelihood of Apple launching the new MacBook Pro during the WorldWide Developers Conference is very slim, although people still hold on to hope that this will happen.

What does make us laugh is that we know WWDC is an event for developers to play around with upcoming software, and so iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, which may be called MacOS to fall in line with Apple’s other operating systems.

WWDC MacBook Pro 2016 announcement

Every time WWDC is coming up and Apple has failed to update one of their products we hear all these rumors that we will see hardware announcements during the event, but it’s just highly unlikely to happen.

We have already started to see people spread rumors that Apple could reveal the iPod touch 7G during the event, but that will not happen either. Ok, so we do not know that for certain, but it’s very unlikely to happen.

MacBook Pro 2016 specs update – We would advise you not to get too excited because Apple did not upgrade too much with the 12-inch MacBook update last month, and as for the MacBook Air, al that got was double the amount of RAM. With this is mind, it does not bode will for the Pro model does it, whenever the updated model gets released.



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