WWDC Scholarship 2016 winners notified today

Apple will begin to send out notifications to the WWDC Scholarship 2016 winners today, Monday, May 9. This means the lucky winners will not have to pay to go to the event, which is sure to upset a few of those that had to pay the full price.

If we are to go on last year, then Apple will send a notification email to those that were successful in their scholarship application. With this being the case, we suspect that it will not be too long before they start to share that email with people on twitter – which is not only to share in the excitement, but to also gloat just a little as well.

iOS 10 key feature at WWDC 2016

We are not certain how many free scholarships Apple will be handing our for WWDC 2016, although last year that figure was 350, so we presume it will be the same once again.

While some of you will think that this is good of Apple to offer such an opportunity, there is also another way at looking at it, and that is how this is great promotion and PR for them. Apple is also sewing the seeds for the next generation of developers, and so is a very cost-effective way to make them stay loyal.

Please let us know if you have had your email as one of the 2016 WWDC Scholarship winners.



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