Dark Souls 3 from the beginning

Those getting started with Dark Souls 3 might need extra insight with a walkthrough that will guide you through it all, or selected areas of the game. The adventure starts with Cemetery of Ash and Firelink Shrine, although even before this you got to decide on an appearance that follows setups seen within many titles.

Once you get past the initial setup of the game you might start to realise Dark Souls 3 is hard and difficulty can increase at a fast rate, as you move forward, so learning some tactics early on will help a lot. The twisting maze of this game will offer up a lot of questions like which way you should go? Or even, where the best swords can be found and why you keep getting murdered by that thing?

The answers can be found within many Dark Souls 3 walkthrough and guide articles online, or if you prefer to watch like us, you can find the answers within video walkthroughs taking you from beginner’s tips to how to beat the toughest bosses. We’ve showcased a playlist of the best walkthroughs below this article.


The playlist of videos embedded below will guide you with plenty of tips due to a visual walkthrough, so you’ll get to grips with summoning, NPC quests, and much more. Take a look over hours, or skip to the exact quest you need answers on thanks to multiple parts.

If you’re having problems with any element of Dark Souls 3, then feel free to leave questions not answered in the visual demonstration.



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