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Update: Tinder app not working, as down today, May 7

Update: Tinder is back up and now seems to be working fine.

It would seem that Tinder is not working as it should today, as the service is down for users trying to login.

This does seem to be an intermittent fault, as we have been able to get on to website, although we have noticed it does keep going down. It’s for this reason why the biggest issue seems to be with the Tinder app not working.

We do not yet know why Tinder is down today, or how long it has been this way, but engineers have yet to update users on the situation.

We have only just started to see reports of Tinder not working correctly, and those that have tried to login are not happy at all.


So many questions are now being asked, with the most popular obviously being, why is Tinder not working?

Update: Well, according to our readers it is the Tinder app that is not working, although we have yet to see Tinder update their twitter page, and so we can only assume this is only going to be down for a short period of time – well that’s the hope.



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