Fallout 4 1.06 PS4 update patch notes for change list

By Alan Ng - May 6, 2016

We can confirm that a new Fallout 4 1.06 PS4 update for May 6 is now downloading and available, a few hours after Xbox One owners received the patch.

We already spoke about this update last week as there was a bit of confusion given that the PS4 version was already on 1.05, so if the general update from Bethesda was 1.5 – it would have to be 1.06 specifically on PS4.

We were correct in this assumption as the Fallout 4 1.06 patch is now available. As a result, we now have the Fallout 4 1.06 patch notes below with a full list of changes.



These are the official changes for the Fallout 4 1.5 patch, already available on PC and Xbox One but relate to all platforms.

Are you downloading the patch now in your area, it should have just gone live minutes ago! As always, let us know any hidden changes you spot and your reaction how your game experience is on the new 1.06 version of Fallout 4 on PS4.

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  • Ricky Loves You

    Still no fix for settlement trader routes? Cmon it’s such a mess trying to reroute trader routes

  • Izzy

    All I wanted for survival mode was eating and drinking, and ammo weight. They’re trying hard to make a realistic mode but the most fun I’ve had was playing New Vegas in survival mode. I won’t play it any other way. Fallout 4 just seems meh without the actual need for the bucketloads of food and water you come across, or the need to conserve carry weight when packing twenty guns with 1000 rounds of ammo for each of them.

  • Brandon Terry

    I still wish they would fix the problem with not being able to receive the ballistic weave ability/items from tinker tom after the requirements are met. Don’t know if the problem is isolated to just ps4 or not though.

  • JanneH

    Survival mode prevents fast-travel. Very nasty thing because those stupid setlement bugs require a lot of travelling across the map. It would be better to let the player customize the Survival mode.

    • Jeremy

      You know you can just use the vertibird right

  • Jesse

    This release is much needed, however they should address the issue of recruitment beacons intermittently not working on PS4. I have beacons in every settlement, with well over 1000 hours logged, and I only show 4-6 settlers in a majority of my settlements. Like Ken, I got a critical error very soon after installing this patch. They also need to address bugs with level 4 vendors not reporting to the settlement they are sent to.

  • Hank

    Can they please fix the vault 81 bug. I have literally 1000 hours logged on this game and still cannot access vault 81!

  • Ken Mook

    10 minutes of playing on 1.06 and already have a crash with critical error. Seriously who does the QA for this company?

  • Mick Readdin

    All fixes are welcome, via updates. However, I STILL don’t see a fix for the longstanding settlement issues.