BO3 Double XP Weekend for Cryptokeys May 6-9

We once again have good news for those who are wondering if there is a Black Ops 3 Double XP Weekend for May 6-9. The answer is yes and this weekend you’ll be able to get your hands on Double Cryptokeys.

We have got to a point now where there will be a special event every single weekend in the game. The week before, Nuketown 24/7 was activated, but now is the chance to get more keys to open those those Rare Supply Drops.


Remember that this is the only way to get your hands on weapons such as the crossbow or the baseball, so if you don’t like spending more money on COD Points – you should prepare yourselves for a full session.

Are you happy that Treyarch keeps activating these Double events for you every single weekend? We guess that’s one way to keep player numbers up on the servers!



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