Battlefield 5 trailer teased before event today

We have already told you what time the Battlefield 5 event starts today in the UK and US, but now we have a little treat for you just before the show kicks off.

DICE has decided to offer fans a very short clip teasing the Battlefield 5 trailer which will be going live later today.

It is only a few seconds long, but the graphics on show are incredible and we can see that DICE are also emphasizing that these are graphics from the Frostbite game engine.

It’s fair to say that there’s a lot of anticipation for this game and we can already see that fans are saying the game is going to look amazing based on this little teaser.

It’s not actual gameplay, but hopefully EA will give us some of this when the trailer is live. Are you excited about the game reveal later today?

Is your money going on Battlefield 5 this year, or Call of Duty Infinite Warfare?



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