Black Ops 3 1.10 PS4 update with full patch notes

We can confirm that a new Black Ops 3 1.10 update on PS4 has just gone live on May 5, 2016. As usual, Treyarch will take a few hours to reveal what is new today but we can tell you where you’ll find the BO3 1.10 patch notes once they are available.

We always keep you up to date with new versions of Black Ops 3 and we can confirm that the 1.10 update is 1.577GB in size.

There has not been any heads up from Treyarch about this update prior to going live, but we can point you in the right direction to say that the list of Black Ops 1.10 patch notes will go live here very soon.


This is the support section where Activision always posts the notes so keep refreshing that link and you’ll get the full list of changes soon.

With that said and done, we invite you to leave a comment with the changes you have spotted yourself. Have you noticed any immediate weapon buffs or nerfs that we need to know about?

Xbox One players, did you get a new update for BO3 too?



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