Battlefield 5 WW1 Vs COD Infinite Warfare in space

As the anticipation builds up for the next Battlefield game being revealed, we wanted to take a minute to ask readers what game they are more excited to play this year between Battlefield 5 Vs COD Infinite Warfare.

The two heavyweight titles are once again going to be doing battle, with this year looking to be extra exciting as Infinite Warfare is going to include the ability to fight on space.

On the other hand, there’s strong rumors suggesting that Battlefield 5 could be set in WW1 after a recent screenshot leak from a German retailer which described the game as being set in World War 1 – then was quickly altered removing this detail.


We’ll know about the confirmation of WW1 or WW2 after Friday’s event, but assuming that it will be war based is just enough for fans to commit after demanding a change of scenery after Battlefield Hardline.

Both games are going to be an expensive investment with the $60 base game, optional $50 season pass or even more expensive versions such as the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare, so we want you to tell us what title you are currently leaning towards.


EA will also be offering a similar package for Battlefield with a Premium Edition that comes with a Season Pass, so if you can only buy one – which game gets your money?

Let us know in the comments section and let’s see if Infinite Warfare in space can hold off the challenge of going back to WW1 with Battlefield 5.



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