Battlefield 5 live stream time for PST, Eastern, UK

We have just hours to go until Battlefield 5 is official. EA has been counting down to the event this Friday and now we have a last minute heads-up on what time the Battlefield 5 event starts with live stream times for Pacific, Eastern and UK timezones.

What you need to know is that the Battlefield 5 live stream starts at 1PM PST. For EST that means 4PM and for those tuning in from the UK that is 9PM on Friday night – that’s your entertainment sorted then.

It’s great that EA are offering up a live stream to make it even more exciting. During the event we should get commentary from the developer team and then witness the first Battlefield 5 announcement trailer.


We doubt we will see an actual BF5 gameplay trailer yet, but let’s see if EA can pleasantly surprise us.

After seeing the reveal from Infinity Ward for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, can you honestly say that you are more excited for the BF5 reveal?

Watch the live stream at the times above directly below this post!



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