Apple Watch 3 not 2 for procrastinators awaiting innovation

There has been a great deal of talk about the next Apple Watch ever since the first one was released, and this is because the current generation managed to tick many boxes, although has still left many un-ticked. This is where the Apple Watch 2 is meant to come in because it is assumed that its design will be slimmer, more functional and most importantly, offer features that are currently missing.

Jony Ive recently attended a gala event where he had a lot to say about the Apple Watch and his love for the device. However, what is clear is that he has a huge love for making things sleeker, and also thinner, something we have seen for ourselves with the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple Watch 3

This would mean that the Apple Watch 2 design will follow the same evolutionary process as the iPhone, and so we very much doubt that the second generation model will be anything revolutionary.

It is for this very reason why procrastinators awaiting innovation are not going for the 2nd-gen model and would rather wait for the Apple Watch 3 instead.

Having said that, this is all very well and good for those of you that have already made the decision to skip gen 2 of the Apple Watch, but if Apple were able to innovate even more than we presume, then we bet you will not be able to wait for the 3rd gen, as the draw towards something even better will be just too great?



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