The Division May 4 maintenance for Daily Mission update

If you are wondering why The Division servers are down right now on May 4, we have a quick heads-up to say that Ubisoft is currently performing maintenance on the game.

This has probably taken you by surprise given the constant change in maintenance schedule, but the good news is that The Division servers will be back up at 11am UK time, 3am Pacific Time and 6am Eastern Time.

More importantly, we have confirmation that Ubisoft is using the May 4 maintenance window to fix a problem relating to Daily Missions – you can see the official changelog from the developer below.


Make sure you are aware of the changes and hopefully Ubisoft will give a proper heads-up next time on when the next server maintenance is going to take place.

Presuming all goes well, the servers should be back up today very soon so if you are waiting to join, leave your thoughts below.

Are The Division maintenance times frustrating or beneficial to you?



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