Tesla Model S May update for 75D comes at a price

There is to be a Tesla Model S May update later this week, and not for new software to help upgrade its features, but for a new battery option. It seems as though the popular electric sedan is to get the very same battery as the smallest Model X battery option, as that is the 75kwh one.

The Tesla Model S 75D price is not a cheap upgrade, as it will cost $3,000 more than the standard battery option, although this will be available for both rear-wheel drive and AWD models.

There is no word on why Tesla Motors is to release this new battery option, but if we are to look at previous battery upgrades, there is a chance that they could do away with the smaller 70D model, which means the Model S entry price would take a $3,000 increase.

Tesla Model S new battery option

We say this because when Tesla introduced the 90kwh option they did away with the 85wkh battery option.

However, while most companies often bring a price increase in with not many chances, Tesla has refreshed the Model S in terms of its design, and interior features, along with a faster standard chargerbut is this enough to warrant such an increase in the base price?



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