Star Wars Day free Battlefront credits for May The 4th

Today is obviously Star Wars Day for May The 4th and unsurprisingly there is going to be treat for all players that log into Star Wars Battlefront on this special occasion.

We have a last minute reminder that for one day only, you just need to log into the game and you can get 4,444 free credits in Battlefront with no catch.

You can use them on whatever you like, including the new Jabba the Hunt contract which you can take on to win the Bacta Bomb Star Card.


Above is the full list of goodies that EA has prepared for Star Wars Day so make sure you log in and tell your friends if you were unaware of the free giveaway.

It won’t be available on May 5 so enjoy it while it lasts. How are you enjoying Star Wars Day so far? Leave us your best Battlefront memories below and have fun spending those precious credits.



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