Tropico 5 PS4 download today with great reviews

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2016

We have a last minute reminder that today is the day when Sony will update the PlayStation Store for May 2016 and more importantly, put new PS Plus games into the store for everyone to download.

The big highlight this month on PS4 is the Tropico 5 PS4 download. It is currently £39.99 on the store but in a matter of hours this will be going free and we can see that many of you can’t wait to play it.

If you grew up on building games such as Sim City, Theme Park and Theme Hospital, then Tropico 5 is right down your alley. The Tropico 5 PS4 reviews are very good too, as it’s a game that has a very positive 76 Metascore rating on Metacritic and also a 7.3 user score which most of you should know is pretty impressive.


Subscribers have been calling out for a ‘AAA’ retail quality game and this month Sony has delivered. Tropico may not be familiar to you straight away, but once you start playing it you’ll soon realize what a good game it is.

Are you very happy with the selection this month? With the criticism of Sony for their previous selections, leave your comments below to show appreciation and tell us when you see the download live in store.

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  • justerthought

    Thank you Sony. Very happy with this. At last we get a free high quality AAA PS4 game.