Table Top Racing World Tour PS4 reviews for PS Plus

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2016

If you are eager to find out more about Table Top Racing World Tour on PS4, then we have some fresh live stream gameplay for you to check out for the latest game to hit the PlaySation Store as part of May’s PS Plus offering.

Given that the game’s release date is today, there are currently no Table Top Racing World Tour PS4 reviews online. The Metacritic page is completely empty too so we want you to leave your own reviews on the game below to give gamers a heads-up on whether this is a great PS Plus game to download or not.


If you are an old school gamer and remember birds-eye racers such as Micro Machines on the Megadrive and SNES, we have a feeling that you are going to love Table Top Racing.

It has a very simple formula, but addictive gameplay as you try to finish first and make your way up the leaderboards. As far as we’re, the download has only just gone live hours ago so try out the game now and leave your thoughts below.

Combined with Tropico as the other free game on PS4, are you very happy with this month for PS Plus?

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  • theseschoolboylies

    It’s a good game, but doesn’t really try anything new. I can’t recommend it for $19.99

    Single player is fine, but repetitive and there are very few vehicles for this type of game. Controls are solid and the graphics are good, but nothing particularly noteworthy.

    Online is a mess. So if you were hoping for some multiplayer action, skip it. No local, horrible lag and constant game breaking bugs.

    Beware, trophy hunters: The platinum requires 20 wins online. This can easily be boosted, but doing it by the books is going to prove quite frustrating.

  • Geo Torino

    Table Top looks fun to play. I’ll download it tonight.