NBA 2K16 servers down with Severe status update

It looks like there are problems with NBA 2K16 servers down today on May 3, 2016. Users are complaining that they can’t connect to 2K servers today and we can confirm that there is a ‘severe’ 2K server outage on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

There has been no update on the 2K Twitter support page which is disappointing, but we have seen on the official 2K server status website that there is currently the severe status in progress for the platforms mentioned above.


Unfortunately, we don’t have an indication when the 2K servers will be back up on May 3, but keep checking the status website above and the Twitter page for the latest updates.

Alternatively, keep refreshing this page to hear from other NBA 2K16 players who can’t join servers and keep updated on progress below in our comments section.

Are you disappointed that 2K servers are down on Tuesday with no statement or update from 2K? Give us your status below – which platform are you on?



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