Destiny servers down May 3 with Caterpillar error

By Alan Ng - May 3, 2016

It looks like some people are seeing Destiny servers down on May 3 right now, with a Caterpillar error kicking them out of the game. We have a heads-up to say that Bungie are already aware of the situation, plus they have a warning about an incoming patch.

It’s not the first time that we have seen Destiny down with a Caterpillar error, but it’s certainly the first time that it has happened for a few weeks from what we can remember.

Here’s the Destiny server status from the official Bungie Help Twitter page which has just updated minutes ago:


Players should also be aware that Bungie are making preparations to deploy a small Destiny update on Tuesday May 3 at around 10am Pacific Time which may force players to log back into the game again.

We’re not sure if the two issues are connected to each other, but we’ll bring you updates if it remains a problem. For now leave your status below if you can’t get into Destiny servers right now in your region.

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  • Gage Parkison

    How big is this update file??? It’s been downloading for 10 minutes and the progress bar hasn’t even moved