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Clash Royale May 3 update notes with new cards list

Clash Royale is down for a maintenance break on May 3 for many of you right now, but it is for good reason. A new Clash Royale update has just gone live and now we bring you the full notes to show you what is new in the game.

The big surprise is that six new Clash Royale cards are available this month, including three new Legendary Cards in Clash Royale which are the Miner, Sparky and Lava Hound.

You can get a preview of the new Legendary cards below, revealed by Supercell recently in their Clash Royale Sneak Peeks.


The other cards that are available are Fire Spirits as a new Common Card, new Rare card Furnace and a new Epic card in Clash Royale called Guards.

We’ve included the full Clash Royale May 3 patch notes below so you can read through them during the maintenance to see a full list of changes.



Leave your thoughts below on the new update and if you are very happy with the game right now.



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