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Leica M-D lacking features create limitations

When thinking about camera technology you would think that things would progress in terms of design, features and function, but that is not always considered the best way by purists. The reason we are bringing this subject up is because of the Leica M-D camera, which is pretty much a Leica M model that has been stripped of some of its key features.

Leica M-D lacking features – What we mean by this is the fact that Lecia felt that in order to appeal to manual purists they have done away with the LCD screen, and so you only have the viewfinder. This means you will not be able to review your images after you have taken them; instead you will need to wait until you have transferred them over to the device you will be editing them on.

The reduced Leica M-D specs do not stop there because while this camera may pack a 24-megapixel sensor, the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity distance and aperture have all been reduced.

Leica M-D design limitations

You will feel as though you are back in the 50s taking an image while looking through a small viewfinder, which only has a 0.68x magnification. Thankfully, Lecia do not want to make things too difficult for you and so have given you markings in the viewfinder, making it easier to take shots with 35/135mm, 28/90mm and 50/75mm lenses.

Those are not the only limitations, as you cannot get any JPEG stills either, just RAW, and don’t even think of any video footage, as there is no support.

Ok, so we know that this camera does have a few good features, such as an almost silent shutter release and a full-frame CMOS sensor, but at $6,000 we very much doubt that there will be many takers – well nit unless you are one of those purists.



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