Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC release date for Xbox One

We are closing in on the highly anticipated Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC release date for Xbox One, with Xbox owners having to wait one month to get DLC 2 for BO3 after Sony’s exclusive agreement with Activision continues to take shape.

It was the same process that started with the first pack Awakening and it is going to continue on with Eclipse for Black Ops 3 and most likely Infinite Warfare too – heavily rumored to be the 2016 Call of Duty game.

Activision hasn’t announced when Eclipse comes out for Xbox One yet, but it should be on May 17 or if not May 24 given that this will be one month later and that new packs usually release on a Tuesday.


We’ll update this article after the confirmation, but for now this should be a good heads-up for you. Remember that four new multiplayer maps are coming with Verge, Knockout, Rift and Spire and also Zetsubou No Shima which is the new zombies map after Der Eisendrache.

Are you still excited for Eclipse, or still angry that PlayStation gets the content first with Black Ops 3 compared to Advanced Warfare?

Let us know your thoughts below.

Update: Activision has now confirmed the release date to be April 19 so you’ll get the content on Thursday, not Tuesday!



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