iPod touch 7th generation July 2016 release unlikely

By Peter Chubb - Apr 30, 2016

There is genuine concern when it comes to the next iPod touch update, as we have started to notice a shift in its release cycle. When this media device was first released back in 2007, the same year as the iPhone, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th-gen models followed in 2008, 2009 and 2010. However, there was a two-year gap for the 5th-gen and a further three years until Apple released the 6G.

You can see where we are going with this. Ok, so we know that fans of this device are hoping that Apple will go back to their previous release schedule and offer a new model every year, but these media devices are very different to the likes of the iPhone, and so it’s very unlikely to happen.

We already know what it is people want in terms of upgraded hardware, with Touch ID being the major specs update, which we have already discussed. However, you might want a reality check, as the iPod Touch 7th generation release is highly unlikely to happen in July 2016.

iPod Touch 7th generation release

It was back in June last year that Apple released the iPod touch 6G, a month after their WWDC conference, which did come out of the blue because people had assumed Apple would announce the updated model during their keynote.

However, we have already established that Apple very rarely announces new hardware during their WorldWide Developers Conference because it’s more focused on what devs will be able to bring to iOS 10 and the new version of OS X, which may be called MacOS.

The big question now is, will Apple actually release an iPod touch 7G, or do you think that there is no need for such a device anymore?

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  • chingu

    not everyone can afford the iphone and ipad is too big for me so i heavily rely on ipod for music. i have my itouch 4g for almost 5 years already and its still good but if ever they release the 7th gen (which i really hope so) im definitely buying it. a bigger screen would be better too. 4.5 or 4.7 inches is perfect for me. better battery too and maybe a fingerprint scanner and then im all set!

  • Orlando Eeckhout

    I have an ipod touch 4g 64gb and here are a few things about it that grind my gears and that I want to change with the 7g:
    -the screen isn’t big enough to type, 4.5inch would be ok
    -faster: I don’t need the fastest cpu or something like that I’m happy if e.g. ‘settings’ doesn’t take long to load.
    -better battery: the battery on my current ipod was never really good. It the ipod touch has to be a little bit fatter that is ok for me.
    -that they won’t be to expensive €300 for 64gb is ok.

    • Orlando Eeckhout

      + gps
      and instead of €300 for 64gb do €250 (the first nexus 7 did cost €250 euro and is bigger).

  • Chase

    I think iPods are great media devices especially for children and people who want a secodary device for their music and photos … I think apple has really lost track of the game and are too concerned about the iPhone to even think about the iPod. Since Steve jobs passing Apple has really gone down the drain. They make things way to complicated than they need to be by always trying to be ahead of the game. Steve was most proud of the iPod as everyone can tell from the keynote when he released it. Apple needs to come back to their roots .

  • Seb Gastineau

    It’s for everybody!I own an iPhone 6s and it’s my secondary device for my music,photos,gaming,and more! (iPod touch 6 128GB),it’s better than the big iPad in my opinion!,i really hope they will go with the 7G before xmast 2016,with a 256GB Model, and Touch ID,NFC Apple Pay,and bigger battery!,and surprises!!!!

  • Twenty

    Now that they don’t have a headphone jack all us cord users have to have an iPod I don’t like wireless barely put phone to my head

  • Justin

    More storage would be awesome. Maybe a 1tb option/model? Surely the genius people at apple can do this;-)

  • Kay74

    a bigger screen Ipod with 32Gb base model would do it for me. Don’t wanna spend as much as an Iphone and Ipad’s too big for me, even the mini.

  • Nicole

    I have the 3rd or 4th generation 64 GB not sure which so I am due for an upgrade. I cannot even update the software on mine because it is so old. Apple has stopped supporting my model. I want it in Purple, faster processor, bigger storage. Better battery life. The size of my current one is fine. So I hope if they bring it out it will have more color choices and the other aforementioned things.

  • LeM3m3z

    i mean i really do need a new iPod so..
    but i would like to see better resolution and a bigger screen more battery life and yeah..

  • Shawn Robeck

    Imo, iPods have a market for young kids & teenagers not quite old enough yet to get a real iphone. I have an iPad & iPhone, so I’d have no use for an iPod. However, I would like get a 7th gen iPod for my son so he would quite stealing my devices.

    I’d like to see the A9 processor and a bit bigger screen (4.5 or 5″). 3D Touch has been a useless gimmick for me and my latest iPad Pro 9.7″(or iPhone SE) doesn’t even have it, so almost no chance to see that on a stripped down iPod.

    • melvin2898

      Nah, it’s also for people who can’t a phone bill. That’s not exclusive to kids. Phones are expensive.

    • epachamo

      I agree with melvin2898. Buying an ipod touch and a cheapo phone with a bare bones data plan saves thousands of dollars over the years, but gives a lot of the smartphone benefits.

  • Raghav Gupta

    I hope apple release the new Ipod Touch 7G as soon as possible as likely the users want in 2016 only like October or September. The new added features should be the Touch ID and new hardware upgrade and specially all the users want to increase the size of the display, it should be more than 4 inch

  • Nvhjvjhlvgjf

    I hope that Apple will make a new iPod or another 4 inches phone.