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Marvel Future Fight Tier 2 Ant-Man solo Vs Ebony Maw WB

It’s clear that the biggest talking point about Marvel Future Fight right now, is over Netmarble’s decision to introduce Tier 2 upgrades to the game.

One of which is available to Ant-Man if you meet the criteria. Now, we have a quick video to show you what Tier 2 Ant-Man is capable of, or in this case the ability to ‘solo’ the new World Boss Ebony Maw.

Using the Team-Pym squad, Ant-Man can take down Ebony Maw on his own, thanks to the new Tier 2 passive for Ant-Man which offers an incredible dodge rate.


This passive is called Elusive Hero and it actually offers a guaranteed dodge + 87% increase for 20 seconds whenever using his miniature buff.

What this basically means that when you do his 5-star skill to fly around the map, you’ll get a massive amount of added dodge which you can use to avoid all of the obstacles on the Ebony Maw stage.

Check out the video for yourself and you’ll see what we mean. Let us know how you are getting on with Tier 2 characters and which one you are planning to upgrade.



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