Marvel Future Fight Spider-Man Civil War uniform demand

By Alan Ng - Apr 29, 2016

With the excitement regarding Captain America 3 Civil War right now and with the fantastic inclusion of Spider-Man in the MCU for the first time, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about a possible Marvel Future Fight Spider-Man Civil War uniform.

To bring you up to speed, there is currently a Civil War event going on right now, with developers Netmarble having added ‘Team Cap’ uniforms to the game with the promise of ‘Team Iron Man’ uniforms to follow afterwards – for characters such as Black Panther.

However, there has been no mention as of yet on whether there will be a new Civil War uniform for our friendly neighbour Spider-Man and we wanted to see what the demand is like.


Currently, there’s two uniforms available for the character, which are Renew Your Vows Spider-Man and All New, All Different Spidey. Would you like Netmarble to offer up a third for Civil War with those ‘mechanical eyes’ and base it on Spider-Man actor Tom Holland?

If they did bring you a new uniform, would you like it to include Captain America’s shield as millions saw in the first reveal trailer for the character – or would it be better without?


If you enjoy this game and play actively, let us know if you want to see a Civil War costume for Spider-Man. What should the uniform bonus be in your opinion?

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  • Tony Stark

    I really want to see spider man have a Civil War movie costume with Captain America’s shield.Because it’s cool and will make this custome different from the first two custumes.

    (mechanical eye?? Why not?)

  • Vinícius D’Luca

    HE doesn’t need the shield, it’s a small scene don’t need that in the costume.

  • Jason Pettigrew

    Spider-Man should definitely have a Civil War movie costume with Captain America’s shield

  • Dawson Carpenter

    Spider-Man should definitely have a Civil War movie costume with Captain America’s shield; also, many people are ranting on the Team Cap because you know who’s not available. This should also be taken into consideration for the next part of the update.