Destiny update notes teased by Bungie

By Alan Ng - Apr 29, 2016

Attention all Destiny players, as we have fresh news from Bungie about the next Destiny update which we now know will land next week. This is going to be the Destiny update and now we can give you an idea what the notes will include.

Bungie hasn’t gone into too much detail on Destiny patch, as they have already said it is a minor update and is designed to fix some of the remaining issues that arrived with the big April update.

However, they have teased in their Weekly update that the Destiny patch notes will “fix a few chests, quests, and rewards – nothing major”.


That’s all that Bungie are giving away at the moment. They did however confirm that the update will go live on Tuesday May 3 at around 10am Pacific Time.

They also said that a separate Destiny update for melee attack fixes will be available the following week on May 10, also at 10am Pacific Time.

It’s nice to see that Bungie is still committed to providing regular updates to fix the most requested bugs mentioned by the community. What else do you want to see fixed in Destiny Leave your comments below.

Once the update is live, we will update this article with the official Destiny update notes.

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