The Division April 28 update notes after maintenance

By Alan Ng - Apr 28, 2016

We just wanted to bring The Division players up to speed with the latest maintenance from Ubsioft. If you were not aware, the game was updated hours ago and now we can confirm The Division April 28 maintenance notes to see what has changed.

The developers know that there are still problems with the Falcon Lost Incursion, which we discussed when we were talking about key changes for the next update.

Without further ado, here’s the latest changes on what is new in the game after the maintenance:


As you can see, Ubisoft has tweaked Falcon Lost so that players can no longer shoot inside the incursion when they are standing outside of it.

Projection from Elites should now also offer reduced damage as before it wasn’t working correctly, nice to see Ubisoft going back to fix this up.

Have you noticed any other hidden changes that we should know about?

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