BO3 Double XP weekend for everything at same time

After Treyarch offered up Double Weapon Xp for all Black Op 3 players, we can see that players are greedy for more and are already wondering if there will be a BO3 Double XP weekend for April 29-May 1.

Treyarch has not confirmed anything yet though, so you may have to wait a few hours to get the confirmation. If it does happen, it should be Double Cryptokeys, but having said that we also saw a great suggestion on social media earlier this week.

What if Treyarch were to offer a Double XP weekend ‘Triple’ special, say once a month or for special occasions that warrant it. If it happened, then Treyarch could offer Double XP for characters, weapons and Cryptokeys.


Is this something you would like to see happen? We haven’t seen it requested by the community but it would be a fantastic idea if Treyarch were to give it players as a one off treat.

As we wait for the confirmation of another Double XP weekend for Black Ops 3 for this weekend, tell us if you think the ‘triple’ idea is a good one.

Would you like to see double XP for characters, weapons and cryptokeys / liquid divinium all activated at the same time for one crazy weekend?



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