The Division 1.2, 1.04 PS4 update for changes needed

We now look ahead to the next The Division update, which should be The Division 1.2 update or the 1.04 PS4 update specifically. Ubisoft has made things slightly confusing with all the varied version numbers across platforms, but one thing is clear – players want to see big changes after encountering numerous problems after the 1.1 patch.

We know that players are unhappy about the persistent glitches that are present in the game, but we were a little shocked to see that some players are really taking it to the extreme on the official forums.

Like this one user here who is planning a Class Action lawsuit against Ubisoft due to selling an ‘unfinished product’. We admire his bravery, but good luck with that as we believe Ubisoft has been doing a pretty good job so far with the frequent updates.


We have a feeling that we could be close to the next update for the game, so we want you to list of of your current problems with the game below.

List your platform and what glitch or bug you believe needs to be fixed by Ubisoft as a priority. Is the game really as bad as some people are making out, because Falcon Lost Incursion is still a great addition to the game with the promise of more to come.

We’ll update this article when we have official The Division 1.2 patch notes or 1.04 from Ubisoft to share. In the meantime, let’s get an idea of what needs to be fixed next.



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