Guile Street Fighter 5 release time for Pacific, Eastern

For those that are eager to find out what time Guile is out for Street Fighter 5, we can finally bring you some solid information on this direct from Capcom.

Fans have been waiting a long time for news on Guile, but now we can say that he is due for release on Thursday. Capcom has said that the Guile release time is at 7pm Pacific Time on April 28, which means 10pm Eastern Time.

It’s important to note that the times above are only for Guile to be released in the US. We still don’t have confirmation on when Guile is out for SF5 in Europe, but we’ll hope to bring you that info soon.

With that said and done, prepare yourself for any SF5 maintenance on April 28 that may happen prior to the times above for Guile to start rolling out.

In SF5, he’s going to have a move which allows him to keep his charge while moving forward which is very interesting – you can see it teased above.

Are you happy about finally getting your hands on Guile?



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