Paragon PS4 beta release date and start time

We finally have some very exciting news for Paragon fans on PS4. This comes in the form of a confirmed Paragon PS4 beta release date and also we know what time the beta starts exactly too for Pacific, Eastern and UK time zones.

Paragon is the free-to-play MOBA game from Epic Games that a lot of PS4 owners are extremely interested in. It was first announced to the world at the PlayStation Experience last year and now we are pleased to say that the Paragon open beta for PS4 and PC is almost here.

Remember that the game is cross platform across PS4 and PC so you can play on the same servers and enjoy the fun together which is fantastic.


Here’s the important details you need to know. The beta starts on Thursday April 28 at 9am Pacific Time and ends on Sunday May 1 at the same time.

That means the Paragon beta is live on PS4 at 12pm Eastern Time and 5PM in the UK so make sure you make a note of the times.

How to get the Paragon beta on PS4: You will need to sign up for an Epic Games account here and then link it to your PSN account. Once you have done that, you can then download Paragon here from the PlayStation Store.

Are you excited about the beta? We’ll be covering the rollout of the beta in case any problems arise, so leave your experiences below.



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