Paragon beta PS4 download from US, UK PS Store

We have already told you when the Paragon PS4 beta starts, but now we have some helpful information on how to get the Paragon beta in the US and UK and actually get it running on your console.

If you were not already aware, the Paragon beta download is now live on PS4. That means you can grab the file right now and download everything ready for when the servers open on Thursday April 28.

Here’s the steps on how to get the Paragon beta on your console:

Step 1: Head to the UK Store, or the US Store to grab the download

Step 2: Sign up for an Epic Games account if you haven’t already


Step 3: Log into your Epic Games account and then link it with your PSN account


Step 4: Start playing on April 28 and enjoy!

Let us know if you have any problems on getting access to the Paragon beta in your region. Not long to go now, so we suggest you download the file as soon as possible.



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